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New website is live and ready for action!

posted Nov 17, 2011, 4:21 PM by Web Master
After much delay on the technical side of things, the new version of the website is now live and ready for action!  The new site boasts a modified layout with access to current neighborhood news and events, a new contact form designed to improve communication and response time, and coming soon a page dedicated to connecting you with your neighbors via social media! The new look, however, isn't all that this upgrade has brought, it has also improved the ability for the Board to update the site regularly, track and organize  homeowner requests, and build a stronger platform for managing the organization. All of this is built on the Google Apps platform which is available to the organization for free, saving the Association over four hundred dollars per year in hosting fees!  The system has the capability for major expansion with the potential for other integrated neighborhood services in the future, including the possibility of checking your annual dues status online.  These increased services may yet be several months to a year off, but the possibilities are amazing.  In addition to the new site layout and hosting, we also have a new, second, domain at  This new domain, which links to this same site, makes entering our domain on your phone or tablet much easier.  There are also new e-mail addresses associated with various board members.  While these are not yet fully implemented, soon you will be able to contact your Board directly at the or domain emails.  In addition, if you're a Facebook user don't forget to check out and "Like" our already established Facebook page for a more conversational approach to our neighborhood! As always, check back for updates soon and let us know what you think of the new site!