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HoCo Bulk Pick-up Program Replaces Dumpster Service

posted Jun 12, 2012, 9:57 PM by Web Master
In past years the homeowners association would take advantage of a program offered through Howard County's Bureau of Environmental Services to supply two free dumpsters to the neighborhood to help get rid of those unwanted larger household items.  Beginning fully in 2012, this service is no longer available.  Instead, the Bureau is now offering all residents "curbside bulk collection" whenever you need it throughout the year!  Simply call the collection line at 410-313-6444 to arrange for a pick-up date!  All of the details and more can be found the Bureau's website at  Some items are excluded from this program and must be delivered directly to the Alpha Ridge Landfill for proper disposal.  Keep in mind however that many of these non-collectable items are the same as those that were prohibited from being placed in the dumpsters as well (fuel, electronics, glass, paints, etc)!  See the website above for a complete list of items and all related information from Howard County about recycling, free-cycling, and more.