July Board Meeting

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The Board of Directors met on July 18, 2018 to welcome some new volunteers and to discuss various issues.  For the minutes of the meeting, please see the "pdf" file attached below.

Annual Meeting 2018

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The annual meeting for 2018 is coming up on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at Ridgely's Run Community Center.  The Board of Directors looks forward to seeing you there.  As in previous years, members who attend the annual meeting will get a $10 discount on their annual assessment.

Quarry News: Meeting with Savage Stone at Ridgely's Run Moved to March 16

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As you saw in the memo attached to your annual dues notice, there will be a public meeting at the Ridgely's Run Community Center to discuss issues with the quarry operated by Savage Stone. A representative from Savage Stone will be present to answer questions. Please note that the meeting date has been moved from March 9 to March 16. It will be at 6 PM. Any future updates to this meeting will be posted on this website.

Cheshire Ct. Water Issue to be Corrected!

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We have been working with the County to correct the drainage issues on Cheshire Court for years. The County has finally agreed to take steps to correct the problems. The County at the County's cost will be repairing the drainage swale along Cheshire Ct as well as the retention pond. The County needs to be granted a right of easement to complete this work. The Heritage Wood's Bylaws and Covenant declare that we must have a 2/3 approval from the HOA to provide this easement. A member of the board or current homeowner will be to your house to collect signatures in order to provide the easement to the County. Please see the attachment to answer more questions. Feel free to contact the board if you have additional questions.

New Covenant Proposal Documents Available!

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The Board of Directors is now publishing a public review copy of the New Covenant Proposal for your review.  We are in the final stages of this process and will look to further discuss and promote this document in the coming months.  Please feel free to provide your feedback via our web form!

Annual Meeting Notes

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On March 10 the Heritage Woods Association held it's third attempt at an Annual Meeting for 2014 this time avoiding any weather issues and obtaining the required quorum to conduct the Association's business.  At this meeting four new members are elected to the Board of Directors.  Information about positions and roles for the coming year will be forthcoming.  The Board also presented the annual budget to the members of the Association and obtained a vote to increase the Annual Assessment to $81.00.  Due to the late nature of the meeting, the due date for the Annual Assessment will be May 1, 2014.  The membership also discussed issues and ideas ranging from continued drainage issues to the possibility of a Common Area clean up project, tree planting projects, and continued discussion regarding Covenant revisions.  For more information about the Annual Meeting, Assessments, projects, or to volunteer, please contact any member of the Board directly or use our online form.

RESCHEDULED!! 2014 Annual Meeting #2

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Due to the inclement weather, the second attempt to hold the Association's Annual Meeting on March 3 has been postponed.  This meeting will be re-scheduled for one (1) week from this date to Monday, March 10 at 7pm at the Ridgely's Run Community Center.  The purpose of this meeting is to conduct the Annual Meeting of the Association as required yearly in the Heritage Woods Covenants.  A fist meeting was held on January 16, but unfortunately there were not enough households in attendance to meet the requirements for a quorum (19 properties are needed to meet the quorum).  The Association is counting your attendance and support to allow the Board to continue its general operations and business.  The Board is seeking volunteers to fill the up to seven (7) open Board positions this year.  Without volunteers like you, the Association is unable to provide valuable services such as Common Area maintenance, tree removal, violation enforcement and more.  Please consider taking a turn as a Board Member for the Association!  The Board hopes to see you at the meeting on March 10!

Committee Meeting Notice - 3/21

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GENERAL NOTICE:  There will be a special committee meeting of the Board on Thursday, March 21 at 7p to review and revise the newly proposed Heritage Woods Covenants.  Any member of the Association is welcome to attend and take part in the Covenant review process.  The meeting will be held at the residence of our Secretary, Anton Bricker, on Fairhaven Pl.  For questions or more information please Contact the Board.

NOTICE: Recent e-mail from

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In the very early morning on 2/18/13 an e-mail from the address went out to various contacts in that account.  The e-mail contained only a link and no other information.  Please be advised that the e-mail was not sent by the Heritage Woods Association and please do not click on the link as it could be of any variety of malware.  I have looked into the issue with Yahoo! and the account itself was not compromised, however, I have taken an additional step to re-secure the account.  There are systems on the internet that use various coding methods to send e-mails from a user's account to their e-mail list without actually having full access to the account.  This appears to be what has happened in this case.

For your further protection, please note the following:

1) Heritage Woods Association no longer officially uses the account.  It is kept only as an archive to past correspondence.  All e-mails from the Association or Board members will come from an e-mail ending in or  At times, e-mail responses to member inquiries may also come from a Board member's private e-mail account.

2) Board members will never send an unsolicited e-mail containing only a link.  If a link is ever sent to homeowners, it will be accompanied by an explanation of its purpose.  Also, unless specifically requested, you will also never receive file attachments from a Board member without prior correspondence.  If you are ever unsure whether an e-mail, link, or file is legitimate, please send a reply e-mail to the sender requesting more information.

I sincerely apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this, or any other such events, may cause.  Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

All the best,
Matthew Kreitzer
President, Heritage Woods Association, Inc.

Minutes from Annual Meeting

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On Tuesday, January 15, 18 properties were represented for the association's annual meeting, just making the quorum requirements.  The annual budget and assessments fees were discussed, along with other topics that included a review of the proposed covenant revisions, an update on the recent "tagging" (i.e. graffiti) of local signs, and concerns raised over another housing project on Mission Road that will again impact several of our members.  Many residents may be happy to see that the members present voted to keep the annual dues the same as 2012, at $77.54.  There were also two open seats on the Board this year, but unfortunately only one volunteer stepped forward to fill a position, leaving the Board with an empty seat for the year.  For more information on the meeting, please speak with a member of the Board or take a look at the minutes which are available on by clicking here.

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